Hands-on cupping seminar

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This seminar consists of an introduction to integrative medicine, basic concepts of Eastern Medicine, History of cupping, ancient and modern theories of cupping, cupping types and cupping methods, introduction to modified fire cupping therapy, cupping marks and explanations, and precautions during cupping.

Advanced Cupping Seminar - Fall 2023

Spring 2024 Cupping Seminar

Cupping seminar topics

Comprehensive and Hands-On Cupping Education

Participants will learn both wet and dry cupping techniques to treat musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, headaches, trigger fingers, anxiety, and other common and challenging conditions of today.  Approximately 8 hours will be spent on hands-on experience.

WHO is this seminar for?

This Seminar is for Professionals Looking to Provide Better Care for their Patients and Improve Treatment Outcomes




Physical therapists

Advanced Practice Providers

Physical Trainers

Massage therapists

Cupping Therapy

Meet the workshop leader

Get to Know Dr. Young Ki Park

Dr. Park learned his modified fire cupping therapy techniques from his father who originally discovered and practiced this particular form of cupping since the 1970s. Dr. Park has established a unique integrative medical practice in the Indianapolis area, incorporating multiple medical modalities including conventional western medicine, East Asian Medicine, osteopathic manipulative therapy, and functional medicine. Recently, he has just published Modern and Ancient Cupping Therapy and A Textbook of Integrative Medicine.