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Dry Cupping Set

Dry Cupping Set including 17 pieces dry cupping sets, 20 extra 2-inch diameter plastic cups, Dongbang lancet device, lancets, and two 3-inch diameter massage cups.


Cupping Therapy
Cupping Therapy

Wet Cupping Set

Wet Cupping set including 11 glass therapy cups.


Specialized Cupping Set

Specialized Wet Cupping set including 8 glass therapy cups. Designed for more difficult areas of the body such as the face, fingers, and wrists. 


Cupping Therapy
Cupping Therapy

Individual Cups

Purchase individual cups.

$60 ea.

Cupping Therapy
Cupping Therapy

Dongui Cupping Set

Dongui Cupping Set includes 10 therapy cups. Dongui cups are shipped from Korea and may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.