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We hope that the contents of this book will enhance the performance of cupping therapy, improve patient care and better treatment outcomes, utilize as an effective resource in daily clinical practice, and lead to greater provider self-fulfillment. One of the goals of this endeavor is to pass on the art of cupping, specifically modified fire cupping technique which has immediate and long-term relief of many common and challenging conditions of today. 

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Learn Key Aspects of Cupping Therapy to Improve Care and Treatment Outcomes.

Modern and Ancient Cupping Therapy and A Textbook of Integrative Medicine offers insight into the knowledge and skills gained through Dr. Park’s many years of experience in practicing and teaching integrative medicine and cupping therapy.  It is intended for healthcare professionals, including physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, advanced practice providers, physical therapists, and massage therapists who want to expand their treatment spectrum and incorporate an effective healing modality to benefit their patients. 

purpose of modern cupping book

Dr. Park wants to pass on the art of cupping to others.

Specifically Dr. Park teaches the art and process of the modified fire cupping technique which provides immediate and long-term relief from many common and challenging conditions of today. While its content is by no means exhaustive, it is hoped that by learning the key aspects of cupping therapy, readers will be able to improve patient care and treatment outcomes. 

What is in the book?

The first edition of this book is divided into four chapters.  Chapter one consists of principles of good medicine and basic concepts of East Asian Medicine.  In chapter two, the author discusses in depth nine modern and ancient theories of cupping and gives specific instructions for modern plastic cupping and modified fire cupping therapy.  Chapter three includes 41 medical conditions commonly addressed through cupping therapy.  The last chapter consists of many photos of patients receiving treatments for miscellaneous medical conditions.

The cupping treatments discussed in the book are much more intensive than we typically see in the United States.  Dr. Park believes that it often takes more aggressive cupping approach to resolve many clinical conditions rapidly, which minimizes the cost to the patients and reduces visit frequency.  As long as the practitioner takes the necessary precautions, even such rigorous cupping therapy is still one of the least invasive treatment modalities, yet it is capable of effectively treating a myriad of medical conditions.

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